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I went to one of my place of memory.



Hello, this is Maksimilian also known as Maksim.

I’m here now in Yamanashi-ken for attend to the important event.

In directly, my father was passed-away the last 26th of March, 2020.

My father had the severe symptoms about his brain and lungs.

The diagnosis are cardiogenic cerebral embolism and aspiration pneumonia.

I took the picture in Fuji-reien, Shizuoka-ken, Japan.

Since I was a 16 year old, I visited in this place also one of my place of memory

with my family in Japan.

But today, I saw a cloud of grief even I think about happen this situation…




But now, I need to move-on but also I need to take a long time to solve and

heal of my colors of sorrow. However, I want to say, THANK YOU, guys!

Thank you for reading and see you also in Tokyo!


MARAMING SALAMAT! (Thank you very much in TAGALOG)


Sincerely yours, MAKSIMILIAN.

Once again, it’s such a pleased to meet you, guys!



Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Maksimilian.

I from Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines and I live in Tokyo, Japan.

Can you see guys, two pictures from the below?




It ‘s a view from the Chuo Highway, in Yamanashi-ken!

But this situation, in a lot of countries it’s going to be lockdown.

Because rampage through a lot of area in Japan as about the coronavirus.

I felt the spring is still far away in Yamanashi-ken…


Sincerely yours, Maksimilian

It’s so lovely lesson for today while lockdown in many countries.



It’s so lovely lesson for today also been a long time to meet with

my supervisor. He overcame many hardships and explained his

background before of his career. I respected him as a friend,

as a supervisor, and also my student.


Sincerely yours, Maksimilian

I was so exited to dinner with my student!



I was so exited to dinner with my student

and also we have fun talking about random topics.

Thank you for today and see you on next lesson!


Sincerely yours, Maksimilian

I am so glad to met with my new student.



I am so glad to met with my new student.

I enjoyed to teach English communication for today.

Thank you for your time and let’s meet to next month!☺️


Sincerely yours, Maksimilian

Finally, the lesson is done.



Finally, the lesson is done.

This time, I communicate with Mr. Nishikawa in English.

He is my boss and as know as my student.

The review is not enough.

Please read my reminders carefully.

Let’s do our best! Good job.


Sincerely yours, Maksimilian